31st October 2016

SinclaireStyle’s CEO Bratt Sinclaire Japan Visit!!

I was ecstatically happy being back to Tokyo after three long years. I followed SinclaireStyle's EuroBeat super-star NIKO on his small tour in Tokyo promoting the release of SEB Volume 240.

Both his 【Ageha】 and Roppongi’s 【Club Maharaja】 events were amazing. After so many years we had wonderful vibes by seeing all fans singing all along with all those smashing and unforgettable EuroBeat hits like 「Speedway」, 「Boom Boom Fire」, 「Too Young To Fall In Love」, 「Money Go」 and, of course, 「Night Of Fire」. The more time passes the more that track becomes legendary and loved inside and outside the country. 

This fact makes me stunned every time more than before. In this respect our top experience probably was meeting, in his after show dressing room, Kabuki actor Kataoka Ainosuke. NIKO and I attended his Kabuki show called 『Goemon』 and so we both asked to meet Kataoka Ainosuke to congratulate him on a great performance. He very kindly accepted and unexpectedly also asked us to take some souvenir pictures together since he knew very well 「Night Of Fire」 by NIKO and, as he said; “He was thrilled to meet us in person!.” We were astonished.

We also were interviewed, right in the middle of Shibuya's scramble crossing by Nippon TV's crew of the morning show called "ZIP! Nippon." The TV's crew were 4 people of different ages and all of them knew about me, NIKO and 「Night Of Fire」. As soon as they realized who we were they just stopped interviewing people in the street and decided to turn their program focus only on us and our music. Of course we've invited all of them to NIKO's show that night at Roppongi’s Club Maharaja. They came along, filmed the whole show and asked us a few questions in the backstage area. And it was great to meet up again with our good friend DJ John Robinson who performed sets after NIKO's performances.

It's just unbelievable how, still to these days, our music makes people happy and enthusiast. Fun and passion is evident in the genuine smiles experienced.

Needless to say Avex was greatly supportive and positive on each and every aspect and detail of our staying in Tokyo. This is absolutely essential and highly energetic for our common endeavor to re-boost the EuroBeat genre as we did in the past. It is time for the cycle of music trends to return for EuorBeat to explode on the market as we approach the 20th anniversary since the release of 「Night Of Fire」 by NIKO.



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